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Shooting Photographs through a fence

Trying to make Photographs through a fence at the zoo can ruin your day, but there is a way. 

It was in back in March when I visited the Port Lympne Reserve. It's an animal wildlife park in Kent. It's billed as an African Experience and considering you are in Kent in the UK it's pretty good.

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Wildlife Photography in Selsdon Wood

I took a weeks holiday recently to spend some time in my favourite location for shooting wildlife in Selsdon Woods. This is a nature reserve on the southern edge of London.

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Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial app. How I used it.

It was back in February that I discovered Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial app.

It's an app that will tell you when the best time and position for photographing sunsets, sunrise or starlight and the moon. It runs on your iPhone or iPad and is really easy to use. 

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Can you give us a talk on Photography

I was amazed to one day to receive a flicker message from Steve Osborn, to ask me if I would like to give a talk to the Metropolitan Police Photographic Society at New Scotland Yard.

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