Toad Cinemagraph

The still photograph with motion

A Cinemagraph is a still photograph that has a small element that moves normally repeating. These images are starting to appear every where in TV advertising, TV programme trailers and Video Bill boards etc.

    Tower Bridge   Cinemagraph

    Tower Bridge Cinemagraph

You can make them using a series of photographs and animating them, or use a video clip.

The easiest way is the video clip, most DSLRs will shoot good quality video all the way down to the mobile phone.

All you need is a video clip with some kind of action that will repeat and look natural when seen as a looped video clip of around five or six seconds duration. 


   The gallery is a collection of cinemagraph images I have been  experimenting with.

     Please see my blog for more information on how to make them. 


The Hornets Nest 

A Cinemagraph of Hornets see my blog for the story.

                                                A Cinemagraph of Hornets 

                                                A Cinemagraph of Hornets