Pet Photography

Your pet is probably one of your best friends, I know my dog is.

Capturing images of their unique looks and expressions is the only way to keep those memories for the future. Yes you can take a snap on your phone, and that's fine but that's probably where it will stay. 

There is nothing to compare to a professionally made photograph, and to have it professionally printed by a lab that processes  each image to the highest standard using the best materials. 

The result is a collection of photographs that you will treasure.

Pet Photography by Mark Shoesmith

A selection of photographs from recent photo shoots.

The Photo Shoot

The best place to shoot is where your pet enjoys being. This can be a favourite park or woodlands or at home or both. Ideally somewhere with some open shade is best, so parkland with some trees will be fine. I will meet you at a location of your choice or if you are not sure about a venue then I am very happy to recommend a location.

Before the day I will contact you to talk about if there is any particular pose or look that you are interested in capturing. Is there is a pet toy you would like to be included in some of the photographs? Would you like portrait of you and your pet , etc. This conversation helps me make sure that I deliver what you would like to see from the photo shot.

The day of the shoot.

I will meet you at the location and we will simply take he or she for a walk. As we do this I will be taking pictures and making friends with your dog. After about twenty minutes or so we will stop in a good spot and setup some nice poses and capture that special look or expression that makes the portrait special.The photo shoot will normally take about an hour, but if it runs over that's not a problem.


How much does it cost

The Photo Shoot is £45.00 

Included in the cost is a DVD that contains a slide show of around fifteen of the best shots from the shoot. This can be played on your DVD player at home. This is yours to keep and play to friends and family whenever you like. 

You cannot have prints made from the DVD it is a video slide show only


How do I order prints

There are two ways to order prints

1. When you play your DVD slide show you will see a small number on every shot. Just make a note of the number of the shot and the size you would like the print to be and the number of copies. 

You can telephone or email your order to me or use the contact form on the website. On the back of the DVD case there is a price list of all the most popular sizes of prints. If you need a print size that is not listed a custom print can be ordered.

2. Alternatively you can see all the shot's from the photo shoot in a private photo gallery on the shoeyphoto website. You will need a password to access your private gallery, this will be sent to you via email as soon as they are posted on the website. You can then use the contact form on the site to place your order. 

If you would like to make a booking to have your pet portrait made or need more information please don't hesitate to contact me.


Mark Shoesmith

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